MTC were outstanding partners to the City of Littleton as we created our first-ever ADA Transition Plan. Their knowledge and experience paired with a collaborative problem-solving approach were essential in us developing a plan that outlines our community needs and a strategy to back that up.

Keith Reester

Public Works and Utilities Direct, City of Littleton

In an effort to ensure ADA compliance, we worked with Meeting the Challenge to help create a comprehensive plan. They were patient and understanding throughout the process, painstakingly covering all the details necessary to guarantee compliance. Their expertise and knowledge provided both creative and economical solutions to our challenges. We are beyond satisfied with the results and our experience.

Jerome Jang

Manager, Bridge Creek, LLC

I am very pleased that we went with MTC.  Our settlement agreement from the DOJ specifically said we had to hire an independent licensed architect.  But we go so much more than that by choosing MTC.

Alicia Davis

Director, Community and Employee Services, Lumpkin County, Georgia

I’ve been using them for technical assistance ever since the ADA started. I’ve worked with them a lot and have had them do a review for us for our transition plan and self-evaluation. They’re familiar with all the regulations and requirements, and they pass that information on. Every time they found something they listed recommendations on how to mitigate that finding. They helped give us direction on what we needed to do to correct problems they identified. They’ve always been a good resource and reply back in a timely fashion when we had questions or wanted information. They’re a good resource and have knowledgeable staff on the ADA requirements.

Steve Stewart

Rehabilitation Engineer, South Dakota DHS

I urge you to carefully consider Meeting the Challenge who is, quite simply, one of the most dependable and professional groups I have ever worked with.

Jason Sanchez

Assistant Director, City of Cheyenne, Wyoming

We were pleased with the results of the evaluation. You helped me out in that being a small housing authority, it’s difficult to deal with each section of the housing authority and try to be knowledgeable in all we have to do. Your evaluation saved us a lot of time. Thank you.

Janelle Devlin

Housing Authority, City of Yuma, Arizona

I am writing this to confirm that MTC has been a valuable asset to our Design Team, at Architecture West LLC, reviewing ADA compliance issues on a multitude and diverse variety of projects, for some time. MTC has been a great asset from preliminary site assessments to Design Development reviews through site inspections, during construction and for post-occupancy compliance evaluations. They also offer very valuable early, schematic design opinions, making us aware of design issues during design and construction document phases. MTC has offered reviews that save both construction delays, as well as change order costs, catching issues before they become ‘ISSUES’, and problems for the Design Team and Client/Owners.

The MTC Staff provides invaluable reviews, consistently providing a second set of design-eyes, overseeing many of our projects for accessibility compliance, that might otherwise have been overlooked or missed. Complex projects take multiple reviews as design continue to evolve and morph, before actual construction, and MTC has provided this expertise successfully on many projects.

Consulting with MTC on our design projects has greatly improved our ability to ensure that our clients receive ADA compliant buildings and sites, removing any opportunities for litigation and providing quality facilities for the public. Often, due to MTC’s reviews, we have early discussions with CBO and other Code Staff, resolving questions and issues before they become permit review problems. This has streamlined and confirmed our relationships/knowledge with Owners and Contractors, while educating All along the way and navigating through the construction process.

We fully intend to continue using MTC on all applicable projects. They have been, and I am confident will continue to be, an asset to our Projects, Design Team, and Clients.

Steve Steinbicker

Architect, Architecture West, LLC

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