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Meeting the Challenge offers a variety of services for helping make your business or building compliant with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). Below is a list of what we offer.

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Self Evaluations & Transition Plans

Meeting the Challenge provides solutions to help solve disability law compliance challenges. The Americans with Disabilities Act requires all city, county, and state programs and services to be accessible to everyone. Whether a program or service is provided in a building, park, or sprawling institution, it must comply with the ADA, or the consequences could be costly.

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Accessibility Audits

Meeting the Challenge offers a variety of accessibility audits for many clients and situations, including:  cursory facility audits, outdoor developed areas and multi-family housing.

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Parks & Recreation

Meeting the Challenge ensures parks and recreation organizations modify, reorganize and redesign programs and facilities to meet accessibility standards.

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Public Right-of-Way

Meeting the Challenge helps communities make their pedestrian facilities more accessible, including curb ramps, sidewalks, crosswalks, bus stops, and more.

architectural plans

Architectural Plan Reviews

We help architects, engineers, designers, and planners ensure buildings are accessible for people with disabilities. The Americans with Disabilities Act requires all public facilities to be accessible for everyone. Whether a facility is a building, a park, a sprawling institution, or a complete city, brand new or dated, it must meet certain ADA standards. If facilities don't meet ADA requirements, the consequences could be costly.

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Website Accessibility Audits

Meeting the Challenge works with business, organizations, and universities to ensure that web content, navigation, and structure are accessible for those with disabilities.

accessibility audits

ADA Lawsuit Audits

Meeting the Challenge provides expert testimony and analysis. MTC provides testimony regarding technical aspects, as well as providing expert analysis for the legal counsels involved in the cases.

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Training & Consulting

We are well-versed in the Project Civic Access process and outcomes. Meeting the Challenge has created and completed U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) mandated and approved trainings for a number of state and local government entities, and has provided additional technical assistance and support for self-evaluations and transition plans, required by DOJ settlement agreements.

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