City of Bristol

State Street In Bristol at dusk with colorful sunset skies.


City of Bristol


Bristol, Tennessee 


ADA Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan

43 Facilities & Parks

220 Intersections

582 Curb Ramps

34 Miles of Sidewalk

3 Miles of Shared-Use Paths

​We partnered with the City of Bristol to complete a Transition Plan. Our field teams worked with City staff to complete evaluations for 43 City-owned facilities and parks. This also included public ROW with over 220 intersections, 582 curb ramps, 34 miles of sidewalks, and 3 miles of shared-use paths.

All data for pedestrian facilities, parks, and exterior areas has been provide in GIS-compatible shape files. The City issued a supplemental task for MTC to write the City’s draft Transition Plan to be presented for public comment.

Level measuring a level change on a sidewalk
Measuring a height of a coat hook
Measuring the width of a gate opening

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