City of Arvada

Aerial View of the Denver Suburb of Arvada


City of Arvada


Arvada, Colorado


ADA Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan

24 Facilities

113 Parks & Recreation Facilities

796 Miles of Sidewalk

10,894 Curb Ramps

Our team’s duties included administration of ArcGIS Online environment including the configuration and performance monitoring of ArcGIS Collector and Survey123 mobile data collection and ADA inspection applications. Our GIS Lead provided back-office GIS and GNSS technical support to field staff to address questions on procedure and troubleshoot hardware/software issues. We provided the client with bi-weekly progress maps that communicated the number of total inspections, miles of sidewalk inspected, and overall project status.

Once data collection was complete, we used advanced database querying and spatial analysis to identify all non-compliant ADA assets, derive a mitigation priority for those assets, and deliver a final GIS database to the client. The GIS database now enables the client to coordinate and prioritize Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) with consideration to potential ADA improvements and new ADA construction. This database serves as the foundation for the development and execution of their ADA Transition Plan.

Level measuring the slope of a curb ramp
Tape measure used to measure the height of a handle
Tape measured used to measure the width of an access aisle

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